103 HVT

Neuson Forest 103HV / 103HVT (Tilt) the professional for a first and a second thinning - high performance and reliable. With a thinning performance up to 16 cubic meters per hour, a true professional in the field of first and second thinning.

The specially constructed harvester crane with telescopic extension gives the 103HV/T an optimum range. Good stability thanks to a low center of gravity, good ground clearance, a handy and economical harvester for thinning the forest, these are some of the outstanding features.


183 HVT

Thanks to its compact construction with a weight of 20.5 t, this universal harvester can be used both for thinning and for final slaughter.

Its relatively small width of 2.55 m and its short rear spoke allow professional work in dense forests. Continuous rotation of the upper structure of the machine permits shaft removal in all directions without loss of stability. The powerful parallel crane allows quick maneuvering of the harvester head, resulting in an increased daily yield.


243 HVT

The 243 HVT (Tilt) is equipped with the proven leveling system of the top structure of the machine and allows stress-free work in the steep and difficult terrain. The 243 HV is designed without a slope compensation system and allows for the toughest work while ensuring the highest safety.

Bearing trains with a width of 2.95m ensure optimum stability and allow downsides in all directions. Optimum weight distribution and selected strand lengths (up to 800 m wide) provide for the forest floor and produce low soil pressure and less soil compaction thanks to a maximum laying area .