Supervised by M. Christian Corriveau , Marquis Hydraulique et Pneumatique realizes conceptions and assemblings of hydraulic units, reparation of cylinders and pumps, without letting out the parts in hydraulics and pneumatics. Like with is ''big brother'', you will find judicious advices, an outstanding techincal support and an imposing stock which includes in exclusivity the WALVOIL, CASAPPA and HYSTAR PRODUCTS.
Équipements Marquis is a company specializing in foton tractors, hydraulic material and equipment such as hydraulic valves and motors. More than a simple retailer, Équipement Marquis also offers a repair service as well as a custom fabrication service. For more than 14 years, we have offered incomparable customer service and a wide array of pneumatic and hydraulic valves, motors, pumps and foton tractors.

A huge choice of hydraulic components

We offer industrial, pneumatic and hydraulic material to the industrial and commercial market in Québec and the United-States. If you are searching for a hydraulic valve or any other hydraulic component, we are the company for you. We are also authorised dealers for Canimex Hydraulique, Casappa, Walvoll, Hystar, Topring, Larochelle et Mailhot. We have in inventory


Hydraulic motors are simple an isotherm motor that transforms hydraulic power into mechanic power. In theory, the liquid stays at the same temperature. Widely used in industrial and commercial settings, hydraulic motors need a series of hydraulic components to work.

We offer a wide array of hydraulic motors for all your needs. We carry only the best brands in our inventory: Casappa, Canimex, etc.


A hydraulic pump is a very important component in the hydraulic system. Curiously, most hydraulic pumps do not use water. The resistance to pressure and the shape of the pump are important factors to consider when purchasing it.

700 bars : Used with Énerpac and Simplex. 420 bars (6000 psi) : This pump is used solely for hydrostatic transmission in closed circuits. 210 bars (3000 psi) : Standard.

We offer a wide selection of hydraulic pumps for all your needs, big and small. We offer respected brand names like Canimex, Casappa and more.


Hydraulic cylinders are an important component in any hydraulic system. It is a cylinder that is separated in two by a piston that creates to isolated chambers. The liquid can be inserted or evacuated by one or many orifices, and will displace the piston.
That is why the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is crucial when buying it. Widely used in industrial and commercial work, they have to be of excellent quality and installed correctly in order to work properly.
Hydraulic cylindersWe offer a wide array of hydraulic cylinders for all your needs. We carry many high quality brand names: Eagle, Hy-spec, etc. Our expert employees can help you select the best component for your hydraulic system.
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