Here is our varied range of Casappa pumps and motors. Casappa  pumps are manufactured in Italy, they are very reliable and durable. Casappa manufactures gear pumps and pistons. They have several divisions for pumps aluminum, cast iron and a variable flow rate.

Here are the pumps of the series PLP. Gear pumps are very popular and very affordable. Visit the catalog.

 SERIE PLP10.pdf

 SERIE PLP20.pdf

 SERIE PLP30.pdf
This is the Kappa Series. These pumps perfrom very well.  They are able to reach higher pressures then  the PLP Series due to its steel casting housing. They also have a longer life span thanks to their bronze swash plates
Casappa also offers a wide array of Gear Flow Dividers. Available with as many sections as you need and for the flow that you need.

 diviseur pld.pdf