Today a vast complex of equipment of all kinds, Les Équipements Marquis inc., knew a modest start. Former dairy farm owner, Jean-Guy Marquis made his first steps in the field by acquirering the old Lowney's plant. " I started from nothing: no customers, no building. Running from auctions to sales, I made myself an inventory. I also had to make numerous contacts, towards the customer as well as to the equipment source; if someone wanted a specific machine, I managed to find it for him!", explains M. Marquis.

This willingness to satisfy the customers, paved the road to expanding the company. "If I could not find something in used stock, I would proposed new equipment; that's how started the business of selling new equipements. In some cases, we had to adapt parts or even create a machine made to the specification of the customer : The machine shop was born !", continues M. Marquis.

Having developed a strong expertise in the field, Jean-Guy Marquis gives advice, even suggests the acquisition of equipment to his increasing customers, some of which are : Castonguay, Sintra,Camoplast. More than just a simple supplier, he has become, for many, a real business partner.

« Industrial material and handling componants » division

Les Équipements Marquis inc. are touching various fields, an major asset in today's market. In amter of fact we find four specialized divisions , like the "Industrial material and handling components" division, a sector of the firm which took more and more importance since 2 years. This division regroups conveyors, elevating tables, hoists ans railed equipement. A diversified choice that will satisfie all the needs of the shops and industries of all kinds.

« Industrial machinery » division

This division proposes all kinds of machinery, ranging from metal lathe, milling, metal saws et presses. Even more than used and new machinery, you can order made to your specifications. The machine shop realizes, as an example, the conception of presses to the specifications of the customer.

Parts for trailers

Existing since the start of the business this division offers a wide variety of parts for small trailers privately owned or for large industrial trailers. With a large inventory you will certainly find what you are looking for.

« New and used Metal » division

Primarly an aid to customers, this division reunits various parts in metal, inox iron, aluminium, bronze, induction chrome rods, etc. It is mostly private customers that shop to this division, but some industries find alot of what they are looking for.