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Most of the newer machines nowadays (harvesters, carriers, loaders) are equipped with an electronic crane control system. Xcrane is a replacement system for older machines with IPS Parker systems, part unavailable or very expensive to replace. The Xcrane system offers a more viable solution for the owner and the operator. The Xcrane system is compatible with all types of valves on the market: Parker, Rexroth, Danfoss, walvoil, really all types of valves so there is absolutely no limitation to what this system can do. We preprogram the system for your machine in house before shipping it to you. The plug and play style installation is extremely easy, all you have to do is install the components in the machine and connect the electrical harnesses that come with the system. That’s it!! Your machine is now ready to work.
The system comes in 5 sections, first the 3.5 inch screen that come with the basic Xcrane allows you to adjust the mins and max speeds, to add multiple operators and also offers diagnostic functions like the input/output of the joysticks and the performance of the valves. Next there is a module to install in the machine, unlike other replacement systems Xcrane only has one module to install. The basic kit also comes with two mini-lever type joysticks, we can upgrade this with the sure grip joysticks for multinational if we want to convert a completely hydraulic system to completely electric. As an option you can also get a small steering roulette that allows you to control the steering of the machine independently or to add different functions separately with a potentiometer that is easily installable in your machine. Lastly, we have the two harnesses, the cab harness comes with quick connect connectors that plug into the module and then each component plugs into a Deutsch style connector. The only real physical connection that has to be made is the power so connect the positive with the positive and the negative with the negative. That’s it!! the last harness, the valve harness come with all the appropriate connectors for your machine. Since this system is compatible with all types of valves, we can modify the harness with all types of connectors: Din, AMP, Deutsch or what ever else your machine needs.
Here are a couple differences with the Xcrane Plus and Xcrane Pro systems. First, the screen is a couple inches bigger and can be operated by touching the screen unlike the basic system that is operated with buttons. The Plus system also offers a parallel crane control system to machines that didn’t offer this option before. This allows the crane to make two different movements with only one move of the joystick. This feature gives you a better and faster control of the crane and therefor increases your productivity. The Pro system offers tip control that is similar to the IBC (Independent Boom Control) or the Active control from Ponsee but at a lesser cost. This allows the operator to control the clam or the head without having to control the stick or boom, the system does all this work automatically. To implement the Xcrane Pro in your machine we do need to add a few sensors on the crane, but this is well worth it by making the operator much faster.
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