Yanmar SV08

Here is the Yanmar SV08, for simple and efficient work in small and confined spaces. The SV08 is a tenacious worker for narrow-spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe laying and landscaping. This little wonder maneuvers through gaps of only 2ft-4in, with a vehicle with of 2ft-3in!

 Yanmar SV08-1.pdf

Yanmar VIO17

The large operational space of the VIO17 is easy to use and without restriction thanks to the Zero Tail Swing. It reduces strain and fatigue on the operator. Easy acces to the engine makes for easy maintenance. The VIO17 can easily acces places up to 3ft-1in's wide!

 Yanmar VIO17.pdf

Yanmar VIO25

Yanmar keeps evolving in the mini excavator market. They finaly built an excavator lighter than the VIO35 and more powerful than the VIO20. The brand new VIO25-6. This scrappy, go-almost-anywhere true zero tail swing excavator, works anywhere you can fit the tracks. Click on the pdf file to go through its innovative caracteristics.

Yanmar VIO 25-6.pdf

Yanmar VIO35-6

The VIO-35, the mini-excavator reinvented by Yanmar! An entire array of high performance characteristics for professionals. A machine so easy to use it's a pleasure. With comfort and commodity, Yanmar products are of proven durability and are easy to maintain.

 Yanmar VIO35-6.pdf

Yanmar SV40

Power, flexibility and stability in a compact package.

Redefining the definition of compact power, the YANMAR SV40 is pushing the limits on an excavator of its size. With best in class power, digging force and lifting capacity, this machine is a game changer within the compact excavator segment.Options for the SV40 include a second PTO function, 4 or 6-way blade and an additional counterweight, so the SV40 has everything for you to get the job done.

Yanmar SV40

Yanmar VIO80

Yanmar has improved its VIO concept by developing its ZERO TAIL SWING, The VIO80 now offers a lot more for your money! With a completly re-designed cab and new features such as 2 speed Automatic Shifting, Auto-Idle, ECO Engine Function and many more!

 Yanmar VIO80.pdf

Yanmar SV100-2

The Yanmar SV100 offers the same stabillity as a conventional machine. The VICTAS track technology gives you great ground adherence. The engine is clean and silent. Raw power in a surprisingly nimble package. Furthermore, come take a look at the brand new 2014 SV100-2. Everything right at your fingertips! Call for more information.

 Yanmar SV100-2.pdf